Joseph Way

Joseph Way

The Joseph Way project was a typical suburban tract home that we infused with custom finishes and upgrades. From the coved plaster hood to the new fireplace and built-ins, this home is anything but builder-grade now. We designed every square inch of this 3,500 sq foot home and saw the renovation of each space through […]

Comstock Kitchen

Comstock Kitchen Remodel featured project Homesmith Design

The Comstock Kitchen remodel was all about designing a more functional space for cooking and entertaining for our client. This involved creating a new walk in pantry from the formal dining and living room at the front of the home. Creating a beautiful focal point with a custom hood and opening up the wall between […]

28th Place

Located in the vibrant heart of Phoenix near the Biltmore neighborhood, this 1957 bungalow was in need of a revitalizing update. The 28th Place Project was designed to create an inviting ambiance, seamless transitions, and long-lasting functionality, catering to the needs of our client.

Huber House

Huber House Nestled in the heart of Mesa, The Huber House is a 5,500 sq foot new build that sits at the end of a quaint cul de sac. Our team was hired to take the guess work out of the thousand little decisions that need to be made when building a custom home. From […]

45th Place

45th Place Remodel Located in North Scottsdale, we designed this property with AirBnB hosting in mind.  Functionally, we wanted to open this kitchen up to the family room, create a beautiful focal point and incorporate beautiful and unique design finishes that made this budget kitchen feel more custom. Shop the Look View More

Palacio Project

Palacio Project Interior Design Project Phoenix Arizona

Palacio Project Situated in a trendy Phoenix neighborhood, the Palacio Project condo has a California Cool Modern aesthetic with splashes of bold color and pattern and simple, minimalist lines. With little room to spare, we designed this home with functionality and storage in mind. Shop the Look View More

Hermosa Hacienda

Hermosa Hacienda A charming ranch style home built in 1978 and in need of a kitchen update, the Hermosa Hacienda was the result of partnership between HSD and a DIY capable client. We laid out the kitchen and gave direction on finishes and our client executed the vision. Shop the Look View More

Contemporary Casa

Contemporary Casa-Kitchen/Living Room Remodel After

Contemporary Casa We took over this project after the couple couldn’t marry their very different design styles. One had a contemporary design aesthetic while the other wanted the comfort and timelessness of  more traditional finishes. We helped them design their open concept kitchen, living and dining room in a style that was a unique combination […]

Fremont 2.0

Phoenix Interior Remodel

Fremont 2.0 Project A second investment property purchased near Legacy Golf Course in Phoenix, Fremont 2.0 also needed a few minor improvements to the bathrooms and kitchen and furniture and decor styling. Shop the Look View More

Osborn Airbnb

Osborn Airbnb Located in trendy Old Town Scottsdale, the Osborn AirBnB was designed to stand out. We wanted every corner of this property to be photo worthy and infused with big personality. Bold wallpaper, vibrant textiles and desert themed art and decor all give this AirBnB a leg up on the competition. Shop the Look […]

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